Will the Germans target Edburton?

Defibrillator drone from The Local, 23 August 2013
The Local reports:

German inventors unveiled a drone carrying a defibrillator on Friday which they hope will be able to save the lives of heart attack patients. .. [They] hope that a drone will be able to deliver a defibrillator to revive the patient quicker than an ambulance. .. It has been designed to reach patients in remote areas and is activated by the emergency services or members of the public through a mobile phone app .. which when activated would start the drone and bring the defibrillator to the GPS coordinates of the patient. The downside is that the drone relies on someone being with the heart attack victim and having the app downloaded on their phone. .. The drone on display on Friday had eight rotor blades, a diameter of one metre and a flying distance of 15 kilometres. With the defibrillator it weighs 4.7 kg and costs €20,000.