Better Connected Broadband Project — State Aid Public Consultation

Broadband map for Fulking area

Key: grey = good, green = less good, white = wait three years

I encourage residents to respond to the West Sussex County Council (WSCC) Public Consultation on High Speed Broadband before the consultation closes on 23rd November. Click the map above to find the consultation documents (direct link not possible). If you look at the Next Generation Access (NGA) map listed there, you can see that we are not at present included. But it would only require a small extension to the proposed high speed broadband patches just north of Clappers Lane on the A281, or around Poynings, to transform our broadband both in terms of cost and service. As readers are well aware, high speed broadband is becoming more and more important for general living, work, and house resale.

I am hopeful that if enough of us respond, the possibility of extending the high speed areas will be considered. I have suggested to WSCC that the NGA patches are extended to Clappers Lane, Holmbush Lane, and central Fulking. If you need something clarified, it might be worth telephoning Diane Williams at WSCC: 01243 777100.

Andrew Iversen (