Bobservation No. 6

Fulking spring - water cascade

Water Supply Proposal – April 2015

Discussions between South Eastern Water, Southern Water, The National Trust and West Sussex County Council have lead to a proposal to implement a villager’s idea that the water supply system emanating at the Ram House by the Shepherd & Dog could be reinstated.

The advantages of this would be free drinking water available to villagers and passersby at both village pumps, availability of fresh water for washing at the Ruskin Fountain and a supply of water in the village in times of drought.

The disadvantages for some would be the permanent disconnection of the current water supply to all properties in the Street. This would, of course, mean that water for household, garden and indeed swimming pool use would have to be obtained by hand.  Admittedly this would prove to be an anathema to some villagers although in some cases the gardener could provide the necessary manual labour involved.

It is proposed to hold a public meeting and take a vote of those attending in which case a majority of villagers would decide the outcome of the proposal.


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