Paythorne Farm Planning Meeting

video conference
You are cordially invited to an online Extraordinary Meeting of Fulking Parish Council, on Thursday 11th June 2020 at 7.00pm, the meeting will consider the items set out below. 

Miles Firth – Chairman  


20/042/PM.          Apologies for Absence. 

20/043/PM.            Declaration of Members’ Interests. 

20/044/PM.          Planning matters 

SDNP/20/01882/FUL  Paythorne Farm Edburton Road Fulking BN5 9LP Proposal: New on farm visitor accommodation comprising 1no shepherds hut and 2no pods.   

Date of the next Ordinary Meeting: Thursday 9th July 2020 to be held at Fulking Village Hall at 7.30pm. 

Should you wish to join the Microsoft Teams Online Meeting please contact Trevor Parsons, Parish Clerk on 07767 422733 or


Minutes of Planning Meeting 23rd April 2020 (Draft)

Extraordinary online meeting of Fulking Parish Council held on Thursday 23rd April 2020 at 7pm via Microsoft Teams.

Present: Councillors Miles Firth (Chairman), Mark Hind, (Vice Chairman), Linda Dyos, Karen Healy, Samantha Leader and Trevor Parsons (Clerk)

There were no members of the public in attendance.

20/034/PM. Apologies for absence:

20/035/PM. Declaration of Members Interests. There were no declarations of interest

20/036/PM. Planning Matters

Perching Holt, Edburton Road Fulking BN5 9LS – SDNP/20/01347/HOUS

Extension and alteration with associated outdoor amenity space alterations.

It was noted:

The application was well prepared and presented. It was comprehensive and easy to navigate.

Councillors voted four NEUTRAL and one IN FAVOUR.

Date of the next Ordinary Meeting: Thursday 2nd July 2020 to be held at Fulking Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Date of online Annual Meeting of the Council will be Thursday 7th May mainly to review and approve the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2020.

The meeting closed at 7.29pm.

Online Planning Meeting Thursday 23rd April at 7pm

Fulking Parish Council video conference
Dear All, 

You are cordially invited to join an online Extraordinary Meeting of Fulking Parish Council, on Thursday 23rd April 2020 at 7.00pm, the meeting will consider the items set out below. For details of how to join the meeting please contact the clerk via email 

Miles Firth – Chairman  

Following the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014, and regarding regulations on Access to Local Government Meetings, members of the public are advised that they have a right to film/record the meetings of Fulking Parish Council. Members of the public are also advised that by attending a meeting of Fulking Parish Council, they give their consent to being filmed/recorded by other members of the public, if such activity is taking place. 


Public Participation: There will be a period of 15 minutes set aside at the beginning of the meeting for the public to ask questions or make comments on items on the Agenda. Comments on items not appearing on the agenda can be made at the chairman’s discretion.  

20/034/PM.          Apologies for Absence. 

20/035/PM.          Declaration of Members’ Interests. 

20/036/PM.          Planning matters 

Perching Holt, Edburton Road Fulking BN5 9LS – SDNP/20/01347/HOUS Extension and alteration with associated outdoor amenity space alterations. 

Date of the next Ordinary Meeting: Thursday 2nd July 2020 to be held at Fulking Village Hall at 7.30pm. 

Date of online Annual Meeting of the Council will be Thursday 7th May mainly to review and approve the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2020. 

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held Thursday 2nd April 2020

Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting Fulking Parish Council held Thursday 2nd April 2020 at 7.30pm online. 


Chairman:                                        Cllr Firth
Fulking Parish Council (FPC):              Cllrs Hind, Dyos, Healy and Leader
Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC):   Cllr Alison Bennett
West Sussex County Council (WSCC): Cllr Joy Dennis
Parish Clerk:                                    Trevor Parsons 

There were no members of the public presentThe meeting opened at 7.30pm. 

20/019/OM.      Apologies for Absence were received from: 

Cllr Colin Trumble (MSDC) and Cllr Rodney Jackson (MSDC) 

20/020/OM.      Declaration of Members’ Interests. 

There were no declarations of interest declared 

20/021/OM.       Approve the Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting of 9th January 2020 and Extraordinary (Planning) Meeting of 18th February 2020.  

The minutes, subject to any amendments, were unanimously approved, and will be signed as a true record by the Chairman in due course. 

20/022/OM.       Matters Arising & Outstanding Actions To clarify and report on actions brought forward from the last meeting. 

The Chairman acknowledged that Councillors energies were being directed at supporting the villagers during the national coronavirus outbreak. 

Village Signs – Cllr Firth reported no progress so far. 

Ram Pump – Cllr Hind to forward the information to the new SDNPA officer to move forward. 

Yellow Lines – No progress 

Bridlepath to Henfield – No progress 

Visioning Exercise – No progress 

Operation Watershed – Awaiting response from WSCC 

Village Hall Lease – no progress 

20/023/OM.       Reports from District and County Councillors.   

Cllr Joy Dennis reported 

  • Most of the County Council staff are now home-working 
  • WSCC has a statutory duty to support and maintain social care are childrens services 
  • District / Borough / Parish. WSCC are working closely with all authorities to support volunteer groups and advised the meeting that grants are available to support. A warehouse has been established north of the county to act as a central distribution point for local supplies. 
  • WSCC has worked hard with local NHS and social services to unblock beds. Cllr Dennis reported that they were able to unblock an additional 165 beds last Friday. 
  • Cllr Dennis advised the meeting that 11 of the 13 pot-hole filling gangs were still very active in West Sussex 
  • Highways – continuation of services in place where it is safe to do so. 
  • Household waste sites have been closed due to the poor, abusive behaviour of some members of the public towards employees of the sites. The disposal of clinical waste is the main priority fir the sites at this time. 

Cllr Alison Bennett reported 

  • There is a new small grants scheme to support voluntary groups during the Covid-19 outbreak 
  • No kerb-side collection of large items.  

20/024/OM.       To consider the establishment of a voluntary register of vulnerable residents 

Cllr Hind reported that no-one has approached the Parish Council to register themselves as vulnerable 

Cllr Hind also reported that community groups to support residents include WhatsAppFacebook and the Mailing list are working well. 

Cllr Firth reported that Henfield shops, Budgen and Swains well stocked, Weekly Truffles local delivery at Shepherd & Dog was well supported. Local high streets and farms shops are seeing an upturn in sales. 

20/025/PM.        To consider the adoption of a grant awarding policy 


The new policy brought to the meeting by the clerk was discussed and supported. Cllr Firth proposed it’s adoption, Cllr Dyos seconded and the vote was unanimous to adopt the grant awarding policy  


20/026/OM.        Planning Applications Update. 


Reference  Name  Application Details  FPC Decision  SDNPA Decision 
SDNP/20/00159/FUL  Knole House  Demolition and replacement of 2 storey house  18/02/19
Unanimously in favour 
Application in progress 
SDNP/20/00670/HOUS  Perching Sands Farmhouse  Erection of single storey garden studio  2/2/20   
SDNP/20/0049/HOUS  7 Clappers Lane  Extension to outhouse  2/2/20   
SDNP/20/01347/HOUS  Perching Holt  Extension and alteration to outdoor space  tbc   


20/027/PM.        Planning Applications. 

  1. SDNP/20/00670/HOUS Erection of a single storey garden studio, with bathroom and kitchenette for use as a children’s den. 
    Perching Sands Farmhouse Edburton Road Fulking BN5 9LS 

It was noted that: 

a.In the absence of a site block location plan we must object to the application until the correct form is submitted. 

b. The children’s garden room design is out of keeping for the location, out of proportion for a playroom and insensitive to the environment. It appears to be out of direct sight to the house.  

c. Cllrs acknowledged a lack of holiday let accommodation in the village and if this is the intention of the applicant then submission of such a dwelling of good design would be welcomed.  

The council voted unanimously against the application. 

  1. SDNP/20/00649/HOUS Extension linking main house to outhouse.  
    7 Clappers Lane Fulking BN5 9ND 

It was noted that: 

 Cllrs voted unanimously in favour. 

20/028/OM.         Reports from Outside Bodies.   

It was reported to the meeting that the playground is now closed due to Covid-19 outbreak and that inspections of the equipment to re-start once playgrounds are permitted to re-open. North Town Field is currently open to the public if government advice regarding social distancing is observed. 

20/029/OM.         Inter Parish Group Update         

Cllr Joy Dennis mentioned that parishes were looking for a deferment in any decision due to Covid-19 outbreak however at this time Horsham DC are duty bound to continue the process.  

Cllrs raised their concern about the Horsham DC website process to appeal against the Mayfield development. It was overcomplicated and very difficult to navigate. 

Cllrs praised the work of Lambs, IPC and Henfield Council have done good work in leading the appeal against the development. Cllr Healy to contact IPC to find out how Fulking Parish Council can make its financial contribution to the fund.  

20/030/OM.         Information Items.  To receive information and items for the agenda at future meetings. 

The Chairman confirmed that the Annual Meeting of the Parish has been cancelled. 

NALC Has subsequently confirmed that the re-election of Officers has been postponed until 2021. 

20/031/OM.         Correspondence.  To discuss correspondence and respond to correspondence received. 

There was no correspondence received. 

20/032/OM.         Financial Matters. To receive the report on the Council’s income and to approve future expenditure. 

The clerk reported to the meeting that an internal auditor had been appointed and that year-end accounts will be submitted in due course. 

20/033/OM.          To set a date of the next Ordinary Meeting: Thursday 2nd July 2020

Bobservation No. 67: Conservation & Covid-19

Image of virus over Fulking EscarpmentConservation Area Conclusion Decision
Recent meetings by the inhabitants of the Downland parishes have reached a decision that, in order to protect the integrity of the Downland area, the Mayfield planning proposal should be moved from just north of Henfield to a situation to the north of Fulking bordered by Clappers Lane in the East, Holmbush Lane in the North, Small Dole in the West and the Edburton Road in the South . Surprisingly, this proposal engendered no objections whatsoever. It is anticipated the work will commence as soon as the Coronavirus runs its course. 1/4/20

Coronavirus Sundries
Great effort by the village led by the Parish Council to help any villagers who may be in need of supplies, prescriptions etc. As a vulnerable oldy my most grateful thanks to them.

Fulking Fair on hold for the minute. I must admit that at this point in time cancellation looks likely. If so it will be announced. Postponement is difficult but not impossible and could tie in with a celebration when (if?) we return to normal.

Bluebells will be good this year and at worst worth a look over the gate. If you phone 271 maybe we can organise individual walks around but this must be strictly accordance to the Government’s rules. Whatever, we will be restricted to a wave as a greeting!

Fulking Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 2nd April 2020

Fulking Parish Council video conference
An ordinary Meeting of Fulking Parish Council will be held online on Thursday 2nd April 2020.  

Trevor Parsons – Parish Clerk  

Members of the public who want to listen to the meeting should contact the Parish Clerk, who will provide them with participation details.  


20/019/OM.            Apologies for Absence. 

20/020/OM.            Declaration of Members’ Interests 

20/021/OM.            Approve the Minutes of the previous Council Meetings  

20/022/OM.            Matters Arising & Outstanding Actions. 

20/023/OM.            Reports from District and County Councillors.   

20/024/OM.            To consider the establishment of a voluntary register of vulnerable residents 

20/025/PM.             To consider the adoption of a grant awarding policy 

20/026/OM.            Planning Applications Update. 

20/027/PM.             Planning Applications. 

  • SDNP/20/00670/HOUS Erection of a single storey garden studio. 
    Perching Sands Farmhouse Edburton Road Fulking BN5 9LS 
  • SDNP/20/00649/HOUS Extension linking main house to outhouse.  
    7 Clappers Lane Fulking BN5 9ND 

20/028/OM.              Reports from Outside Bodies.   

20/029/OM.              Inter Parish Group Update         

20/030/OM.              Information Items.   

20/031/OM.              Correspondence.   

20/032/OM.              Financial Matters.  

20/033/OM.               To set a date of the next Ordinary Meeting:  2nd July 2020 

The date for the Annual Parish Meeting will be Wednesday 6th May 2020 where Rev Tim Harford will be the main speaker. 

Fulking COVID19 Resources

Fulking COVID19 Action Plan
The ‘About Our Village’ menu in the left sidebar of this website has a new menu item: ‘COVID19 Support’. At present it just contains a two page PDF (‘Fulking COVID19 Action Plan’) drafted by the Parish Council. However, it is intended to include other relevant material as it becomes available.

Bobservation No. 66: Warming to the Clerk in the End…

Painting of The Parish Clerk - courtesy

Parish Clerk
I have known several Parish Clerks in the time I have been in Fulking and they have varied in efficiency and goodwill considerably, in particular one I can think of was diabolical!. However I think it is generally agreed that the present Clerk, Trevor Parsons, has outshone all his predecessors . A parish council relies very heavily on the professionalism of its clerk and over the last twenty or so years the demands on the clerk have steadily increased; in particular with knowledge of the law as it needs to be enacted. I hope you will all join me in saying thanks to Trevor for the service he provides.

Global warming
The next meeting of the Resolutions group is at 7pm on Sunday March 8th  in the village hall and I do encourage you to come and join us. Ably lead by Samantha we are in the throes of putting together Climate Change and ecological ideas for implementation in the villages of Fulking, Poynings and Newtimber.

Funereal matters
If you wish to save your next of kin a bob or two it is quite simple to donate your body to the London Anatomy Office (LAO) (0207 848 8042). Subject to certain circumstances the body will be donated to and used by the medical services involved (probably in Sussex) for research or teaching. This will obviate the need for a funeral which, these days, is quite expensive. The LAO are most helpful on the phone and will help you through the necessary forms. Just in case you are worried about missing the wake when I eventually go; well behaved villagers will be invited to a party instead (Any takers for Call my bluff?). Incidentally the oldest donated body yet was a gent of 107!

Minutes of Planning Meeting 18th February 2020 (draft)

Extraordinary meeting of Fulking Parish Council held on Tuesday 18th February 2020 at 7.30pm, at The Village Hall, Fulking

Present: Councillors Miles Firth (Chairman), Mark Hind, (Vice Chairman), Linda Dyos, Samantha Leader and Trevor Parsons (Clerk) 

One member of the public, being the applicant, was present and was invited to contribute to the discussion. 

20/016/PM.        Apologies for absence: Cllr Karen Healy 

20/017/PM.        Declaration of Members Interests. There were no declarations of interest 

20/018/PM.        Planning matters Knole House Clappers Lane Fulking BN5 9NH SDNP/20/00159/FUL 

Demolition of an existing two-storey house and ancillary garage with store room above. To be replaced with a new two-storey house, a detached new double garage. New vehicular gate and street facing boundary wall with detached pool house and swimming pool to the rear of the property. 

It was noted that: 

  1. This project is considered a real improvement to the housing stock of the village 
  2. The plans all appear to be in proportion and the increase in overall height of the property will be mitigated by the present hedgerow and tree covering along Clappers Lane. 
  3. FPC requested that the applicants include as part of their Construction Management Plan a ban on contractor parking in Clappers Lane. Contractor parking should only be allowed on the site. 

The reason for this stipulation is: 

a. Historic problems with access and safety due to parking at peak times for the Shepherd and Dog pub. This occurs during weekdays (not just weekends) 

b. Contractor parking and delivery issues related to access, safety and damage to verges on the Poynings road over the last four years as a result of major refurbishment/building projects which were concurrent at Hillside, Downside, The Dales, and Barn Cottage.   

Councillors voted UNANIMOUSLY IN FAVOUR of the application. 

The meeting closed at 8.05pm 

Date of the next Ordinary Meeting: Thursday 2nd April 2020 to be held at Fulking Village Hall at 7.30pm.