Bobservation No. 112: Involvement and Charity

Parish Council Poster

Listening from as far away as Henfield but with regular visits to and discussions about Fulking     I find that apathy seems to rule the day. I guess that very few Fulking villagers have any idea who all five members of the Parish council are and indeed care much anyway. Now this is a great pity because the whole democratic process begins at Parish Council level and given the opportunity to stand and be voted onto the council is a rare chance to be able to have an influence on all facets of village life. I do encourage you to consider standing for election to the Parish Council whenever the chance comes along.

Charitable giving
Because the majority of readers of this article have it in their power to donate to a charity I find it interesting that choosing a charity is not as easy as it might seem. The need by almost every walk of life is compelling, be it human or animal, children or adults, war torn or peaceful, religious or secular, physical or mental. Do your best, it can be very satisfying being able to help.

New Year
I sincerely wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2024 and please join me in sparing a thought for those of you with problems, be they medical, financial or otherwise.