Minutes of Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – 12th December, 6:30pm

Minutes of the Fulking Parish Council Co-option Meeting
Held in the Village Hall, Fulking on Tuesday 12th December 2017 at 6.30pm

Present: Miles Firth (Chairman), Councillors Mark Hind, Linda Dyos, Michael Trist, and Clerk to the Council, Derek Blackhall
1 member of the public was present

Apologies for Absence: None.
Declarations of interest: None

The Chairman announced that this was a normal type of meeting with an open vote on whether to Co-opt to the current Councillor vacancy or not at this time.

Prior to the meeting, there had been one request by a member of the public to speak, having already established the candidate’s eligibility to apply for the vacancy via local business interests.

Karen Healy explained that she was fairly new to Fulking but keen to contribute to the community; recognised that some decisions are not always popular; has sat on children’s charities which was ultimately rewarding; along with PTA and committees experience; always endeavours to be proactive; has got time to be a councillor as working part-time; and offers a long-term commitment to the village.

The panel of Councillors explored a variety of topics:

  • Views on representing parts or all of the village
  • How the Parish Council operates
  • Attitude to training courses
  • Examples of being a team player
  • Attitude to possible disagreements over tricky issues
  • Attitude to established Council policies as they must be paramount for a
  • Councillor over and above being a resident
  • Attitude towards playground inspections
  • A view on some known forthcoming possible village hall issues and alternative strategies if it becomes difficult to resolve overall

After listening carefully to the responses to the above scenarios, the Chairman asked the panel for a vote.
There was a unanimous agreement to appoint Karen as a co-opted Councillor.
Karen signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office, and agreed to return the Register of Interests to the Clerk within the necessary 28 days.

The meeting closed at 7.05pm

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