More than the minimum wage*

Photo by David Jacobs
Sussex Wildlife Trust is generously offering to pay a total of £100 for a set of a dozen professional quality photos that they can use in their calendar, magazine and website:

We are looking for twelve stunning photographs capturing the best of the wildlife and landscapes of Sussex. Show us the wild places that are special to you. It could be high on the Downs, deep in the woods or your favourite urban nature spot. We’d also love to see your local wildlife shots. Amaze us with the ladybirds in your garden, migrating wildfowl, macro spiders, flowers carpeting a woodland floor, colourful fungi, clouds of downland butterflies or a sleeping hedgehog in the park.

*The relevant calculation assumes that each photo will take one hour to produce, on average. Only one photographer will actually receive any money. The remaining set of mugs will receive a set of mugs.