Piglet shed (anag.)

piglet shed
An advertorial in The Caterer tells us that:

Country pub the Shepherd and Dog serves locally sourced produce and a wide range of local beers in a picturesque setting in Fulking, West Sussex. And while its sprawling setting is undeniably an asset, staff used to find it difficult to maintain a constant presence as customers were hidden away in the many nooks and crannies spread across the gardens.

Since installing Lightspeed, waiters have been able to take orders via an iPad,
which are then sent back to the kitchen and bar in seconds, allowing them to spend more time canvassing the gardens, rather than running back and forth. The system also allows them to take payment at the table which, as owner David Pearse explains, has directly affected revenue. “Lightspeed means that we can pay at the table, bills are instant and online, and food comes out faster, so I turn my tables quicker. This means I make more money.”

Meanwhile, bar manager George Wilson has been most impressed with the system’s reporting capabilities: “I can look there and then, at the pub or at home, to see what’s not selling quickly and what’s selling really quickly; it really helps me with my ordering,” he explains. “Revenue has doubled since we put in Lightspeed — it’s been really, really helpful,” Pearse says.