Bobservation No: 110, Speeding

Village Speed Limits
I understand that the speed limit in Clappers Lane is being reduced to 30mph. In view of the fact that the Street is already 20mph and that Clappers Lane is, in places, highly dangerous at 30mph and walkers, horse riders and cyclists have to take evading action to avoid disaster, it seems to me that 20mph would have been much more sensible. Of course, without any deterrent any speed limit is unenforceable and meaningless. Personally, I have found the psychological effect of electronic ‘thank-you’ signs in and around Henfield to act as a very good method of reminding drivers of the speed limit. I imagine that these signs do not come cheaply, and it is highly unlikely that Fulking could have them installed but I have an awful feeling that one day a serious accident, possibly fatal, is going to happen.

Christmas Party
The organisers, Carolyn and Jen, tell me the annual Christmas party will be held in the village hall on Friday 8 December from 6.30 pm till 8.30pm. Please bring a plate of suitable nibbles and lots of dosh for the Tombola. We have been holding this party for many years now and it is always a great get together. If you are new to Fulking then it is a wonderful way to meet the locals and the booze is free!
All villagers and their families are welcome.

Wine from Wolstonbury (2022 update)

Wolstonbury vineyard

Weeks of hot, dry weather means vines are “flourishing”, setting winemakers up for a bumper yield of grapes this year .. The drought has helped to keep mildew and pests at bay, while the hot weather has helped grapes to ripen, said Ivan Weightman, co-owner of Wolstonbury vineyard in West Sussex. “So far, so good with the heat,” he said. “The vines are certainly loving it, the bunches are swelling, and yeah, it looks great.” [Click here for the full MSN report.]


Sadly we have decided to close Evergreens due to various problems namely dwindling numbers we did try to encourage residents there are only two from the villages, finding venues due to the pandemic, losing a valuable helper. It started in approximately 1998 by Margaret and Tony Cutress to be neighbourly and encourage lonely people to get together. They gave them a tea of sandwiches and cakes. The elderly residents loved to see each other and chat.

Betty Powell and Val Baillet

Public Houses reopen tomorrow

Boris and Natasha at the Shepherd and Dog
With respect to The Shepherd and Dog, The Argus reports:

The Bar Manager, Josh Harris, explained: “I’m not able to open with the same beer line-up that I’ve had before. I’ve got 18 lines for craft beer and it’s now become quite tricky to offer the same thing.” Following COVID-19 procedures, The Shepherd and Dog has implemented social distancing measures and all customers must pre-book with a maximum group size of six. Mr. Harris said: “One of the key things in the 43-page government dossier was the need for us to take and store the booking details of all of our customers which I think will come as quite a surprise. We are doing everything we can to make this pub safe and welcoming and utilise our great outdoor space to make it even better.”

Weekend opening hours are: Saturday 12-8pm and Sunday 12-8pm.