Bobservation No: 110, Speeding

Village Speed Limits
I understand that the speed limit in Clappers Lane is being reduced to 30mph. In view of the fact that the Street is already 20mph and that Clappers Lane is, in places, highly dangerous at 30mph and walkers, horse riders and cyclists have to take evading action to avoid disaster, it seems to me that 20mph would have been much more sensible. Of course, without any deterrent any speed limit is unenforceable and meaningless. Personally, I have found the psychological effect of electronic ‘thank-you’ signs in and around Henfield to act as a very good method of reminding drivers of the speed limit. I imagine that these signs do not come cheaply, and it is highly unlikely that Fulking could have them installed but I have an awful feeling that one day a serious accident, possibly fatal, is going to happen.

Christmas Party
The organisers, Carolyn and Jen, tell me the annual Christmas party will be held in the village hall on Friday 8 December from 6.30 pm till 8.30pm. Please bring a plate of suitable nibbles and lots of dosh for the Tombola. We have been holding this party for many years now and it is always a great get together. If you are new to Fulking then it is a wonderful way to meet the locals and the booze is free!
All villagers and their families are welcome.

Edburton Road Closed

Two week road closure for UK Power Networks for work taking place between Elmside and Perching Manor to install new High Voltage cables.

Proposed Start Date / Time Date: 21st June 2021 Time: 0800

Proposed End Date / Time Date: 2nd July 2021 Time: 1700

The restriction will be effective Day-time only from 0800 to 1800

Access maintained for emergency services, residents and pedestrians

Local’s diversion via Clappers Lane, Henfield Road, Horn Lane, Shoreham Road

Contact telephone number 03700 500792

Clappers Lane: pothole repairs

Residents will have noticed that Clappers Lane has resumed its role as a tributary of the Adur. The river maintenance sensors have detected potholes beneath the water and WSCC has thus arranged for Balfour Beatty’s crack snorkel team to come and fill them on Monday 11th January between 9:30am and 15:00pm. Mooring and river through-traffic prohibited but resident access to houseboats, etc., retained.

Alleged road closure

cyclist injuries

Edburton Road, Fulking: Carriageway pothole repairs. Road Closure.
West Sussex Highways — September 2nd to September 3rd.

If you have ever wondered about the competence of government statisticians, then consider the plausibility and likely accuracy of the ‘Slight’ component of this graphic.

Clappers Lane closure

Clappers Lane
The stretch of Clappers Lane shown above is likely to be closed for a working day this week. There’s a new water supply connection, a new mains electricity connection, and something else of an electrical nature. If you are in a car or a van, proceed as normal, in either direction, but be prepared to have to do a three point turn and retreat.

Clappers Lane closure

Clappers Lane closed allegedly
To undertake repairs to a leaking comm pipe in the carriageway and verge between Wellington House and Rosewood House with road closed signs to be in place either side of the closure at the nearest appropriate junctions from 06/01/2020 to 08/01/2020. Access maintained for emergency services, residents and pedestrians. [Note: these official alerts should be taken with a large pinch of halite.]