Trench traffic

Trench traffic Edburton Road
Local residents who still haven’t found time to read the report [PDF 5,900 pages] may be wondering what impact the trench is going to have on them. The answer, at least for those who live to the east of Truleigh Manor Farm, appears to be “not a lot”.

The main construction compound for the entire trench will be at the side of Edburton Road (page 153) and about 100m x 50m in size (page 159). The report itself does not show exactly where this compound will be located but it seems safe to assume that it will be very close to the point where the trench intersects the road (see above). Given the route that the trench will take, the main works traffic from this compound will use the A2037 rather than coming through Fulking and Poynings. There will be some temporary disruption to Horn Lane and to the A281 in Woodmancote when the trench is cut across them.