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Bobservation 47: Village Demography

Village Demography

Over the last twenty six years since I first set my roots in the parish of Fulking the demography of the village has changed quite dramatically. Because of this it has become increasingly difficult to get more recent arrivals in the village involved or indeed even to attend village functions of any sort.

The Christmas Party, the Christmas Market, Seedling Sunday and the Call my Bluff evening have fewer attendances year on year. This makes it harder for the small band of enthusiasts to get events off the ground. I quite realise and sympathise with younger families with children to bring up, a living to earn and a household to maintain, which makes it difficult to find spare time to help out.

Maybe your input could get us to change direction or initiate new activities and events. The Social Committee would be delighted to hear from you with new ideas. Fulking is a delightful place and if we wish to keep it so I suggest your giving a few minutes thought to what we might do in going forward and perhaps coming along with your ideas.

If it is easier give me a ring on 271 or email me on  Please put Saturday 8th December in your diaries for the Christmas party in the village hall from 6 till 8pm.

Lastly let me disclaim any responsibility for Bob’s Cafe in Poynings; however good it may be. Great idea – well done Poynings!

Heat Health Watch Level 3

West Sussex heatwave

Heatwave Level 3 Issued: WSCC sent this bulletin at 06-08-2018 09:26 AM BST
The Met Office has issued a Heat Health Watch Level 3 for South East England. Threshold temperatures for heatwave in South East England are 31°C during the day or 16°C overnight. There is a 90% probability of heatwave conditions between 09:00 on Monday 6th August and 09:00 on Wednesday 8th August 2018

Clappers Lane + Truck = Mayhem

On Friday a truck missed the turn to AVS Fencing in Holmbush Lane and continued down Clappers Lane damaging vegetation and the fencing at Preston Nomads Cricket Ground where it turned around.

According to AVS, all suppliers are given directions and told not to go down Clappers Lane. However they believe that a contributory factor is that the sign on the corner of Clappers and Holmbush Lanes, which they have permission from WSCC to put there, was removed or at least not visible. AVS have mended the fencing and cleared up as best they can, but would appreciate any information about how the sign came to be tampered with. Contact: 01273 492969