A change in the way you call local numbers

dialAs we noted a month ago, Ofcom is making a change to the way people in the Brighton area dial local numbers. From 1 October 2014, you’ll need to add the 01273 area code before you call any local number from your home phone (just like you already do with national and other numbers or when you use your mobile).

It will still cost exactly the same to make a local call.

What you need to do

If you have any local numbers stored in your home phone, make sure you change them to include 01273 before 1 October. And don’t forget to check any other equipment, such as personal or home alarm systems, that might connect to a local number.

Also, if you have elderly family members, friends or neighbours, you might want to check to make sure they know it’s happening, too – particularly if they rely on Carelines or pendants (telecare type services) for help.

After the switch, if you forget to add 01273 you’ll get a free recorded message to remind you.

Any questions?

Visit ofcom.org.uk/dialthecode email dialthecode@ofcom.org.uk or call 0300 123 3333 (it costs the same as an 01 or 02 call).


[Amended 16:30 2-9-14.]