Bobservation No. 65: Eco

The ecological way forward:

‘It’s impossible’  said Pride
‘It’s risky’ said Experience
‘It’s pointless’  said Reason
‘Give it a try’  whispered the Heart!

With thanks to my friend Kirshanda of

The recent meeting arranged by Samantha bringing Fulking, Edburton and Poynings villagers together to exchange ideas on how to tackle Climate Change was a great success and will produce many ideas that we can all share and indeed implement.

The very recent upsurge in local parish level concern is very gratifying in spite of the total denial by some world ‘leaders’. I do urge everyone in Fulking to join us in this very rewarding crusade at the next meeting which is scheduled for Sunday 8th of March in the village hall at 7pm (please check this date/time on the village website).

Many thanks to Emma Osman and her team. Emma is the editor of BN5 magazine which comes through our letter boxes monthly. It is always a fund of local news and advertisements. BN5 is a very good friend of our village when we want some publicity. Periodicals like this are one of the corner stones of protecting village life as we would wish it to be.