Bobservation No. 73: Disputes & Vulnerability

Sumo wrestlers over map of Fulking
Disputes in a village are generally caused by boundaries, hedges, trees, or noise. At the time they happen they may seem of life changing importance to both parties but in the event, will seem of little importance to the rest of the world. Quite often the dispute would never have occurred if the instigator had approached the other party in a civil manner before any action had been taken. Kind-hearted souls are advised to steer well clear of mediation unless they are qualified mediators for fear of getting drawn into a situation they cannot improve. In most cases one of the parties in the dispute will be in the right and the other in the wrong.  I have found that the outcome will generally leave a very unpleasant atmosphere between the persons involved unless a great deal of common sense is displayed.  Regrettably, this seems to be unusual.

It occurs to me that at a time when our lives are threatened by Climate Change and Coronavirus that each has a different significance to the young and the old. So far as Climate Change is concerned it will have little impact on someone of my age but enormous impact on a teenager. On the other hand, Coronavirus would probably be fatal if I were to catch it but possibly just inconvenience for the teenager. All pretty obvious, I suppose, but it does seem to point the way to greater cooperation in doing everything we can to defeat Global Extinction and the effects of the virus. Interesting that Brexit will alter the lives of both young and old equally.