Bug Shot Competition

Bug Shot Competition LAMBS Mayfield
Just get out your camera (or phone) and take a close-up of any insect you come across in roughly the area that Mayfield Market Towns hopes to destroy (the rectangle of the Low Weald bounded by the A23 to the east, the A272 to the north, and the A281 to the south and west). Your photo may just prove to be the vital piece of evidence which ends up protecting the area forever. The subjects of all your photos will be identified by our wildlife experts and then judged in the categories of: Beauty or Beast, Weird or Wonderful, or Most Notable Species. Given the rationale for the competition, the quality of your photo is not as important as the subject. The winners in each category will receive copies of the both of first two books in Nils Vissers’s Wyrd Wood Series which are based in the Sussex Weald. Nils is a huge supporter and has already pledged half of the proceeds of his second book to our campaign. Please take part if you can and encourage your family and friends to enter as well. There is no limit to the number of entries.

Submit entries by September 1st 2015 via Facebook or by email to press@lambs.org.uk.