St. Andrew’s Day Quiz

St. Andrew's quiz
At 7:00pm for 7:30pm, November 27th — this is always a popular event and promises to be a fun evening held once again at the Preston Nomads Pavilion in Clappers Lane. Tickets at £7.50 per person (in teams of four people) include a ploughman’s platter. Bar & raffle. Usually sells out so book now.

Contact Jane on 07812-465-559 to book and to enter teams.

Jane Warne

St. Andrew’s Day Quiz

St Andrew's quiz
Advance notice: November 27th — this is always a popular event and promises to be a fun evening which will be held once again at the Nomad’s Pavilion in Clappers Lane. Tickets at £7.50 per person include a ploughman’s supper and sold out quickly last year — so let us know early if you would like to come.

Contact Jane on 07812-465-559 for more details and to enter teams.

Jane Warne

The colour of cricket

Non-whites at Preston Nomads

Unexpected coloured clothing

The weather had been drizzly all morning and there was no play before lunch, but soon afterwards the players emerged. My second surprise of the day was to see them in coloured clothing whereas I was expecting day one of a three day championship game normally played in whites. .. I returned the following day in somewhat better weather to see proper cricket, in whites, get underway.
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Residents’ car parking at Preston Nomads

Residents parking at Preston Nomads
Readers are reminded that there are half a dozen car parking spaces at Preston Nomads which are reserved for Fulking residents. The grounds are normally locked but those with parking spaces get their own keys and there is a lift-and-lock pole on each space. For legal reasons, there is a small fee to pay. Full details can be obtained from the Head Groundsman, Brian Sandalls, at the grounds.

To judge from the state of the grass (see above), only one of the six spaces is in current regular use.

Preston Nomads – Reply

Preston Nomads - Adjusted

Keeping the Peace

We should like to comment on Bobservation no. 2 – Preston Nomads, published in Pigeon Post at Christmas. The gist of it was that there had been a “mini-furore” over the recent licence application and that the club was architecturally attractive, wasn’t a nuisance and that we should “count our blessings and see if we cannot appreciate the club more”.



Preston Nomads: looking for bar staff

Preston Nomads Clubhouse - Downs in background

Preston Nomads are looking for someone to join their staff to help cover the bar for a few hours a week, mainly in the evenings and at weekends.  Applicants must be over 18, due to the sale of alcohol, but there’s no upper age limit!  They must be trustworthy and reliable with a friendly and outgoing personality.  No previous experience is necessary as full training will be provided.  The season runs from mid April until early September.  They offer a competitive rate of pay and an excellent working environment.
If interested please contact Phil Brown or call 01273 857497.

Bobservation No. 2

Preston Nomads Clubhouse - Downs in background

In praise of Preston Nomads Cricket Club…

The recent mini-furore over the licence application by Preston Nomads which, as I understand it, is to regularise their existing position, made me realise just how lucky we are in Fulking to have a cricket club of such note within the parish.

Other than the manic way in which some of the members can drive their cars from time to time, I do not recall any nuisance being caused by the club since the new pavilion was built and indeed before that.

In retrospect it was probably a pity that the principal access to the club was not arranged from the Poynings Road instead of Clappers Lane, but that is how it is and we all have to make the best of it.

I doubt there is, architecturally, a more attractive cricket club building in the South of England and the setting on a summer’s day is just magic viewed against the Downland backcloth.

Paul Hird, the Chairman of the club, has always gone out of his way to be welcoming to villagers and in particular St Andrew’s church has found the availability of the clubhouse for events a great blessing. The club have, over the years, been very generous in donating very attractive hampers for village events and making the clubhouse available to the village.

Let us count our blessings and see if we cannot appreciate the club more.

Bob Rowland

St. Andrew’s Day Quiz

St Andrew's quiz
A table has just become vacant for the quiz that is taking place this Friday, 28th November. If you want it, you need to round up three other people and call 01273-857322 or 07812465557 as soon as possible. The event is at 7:00pm (for 7.30pm) at Preston Nomads, tickets £7.00 per person which includes a Ploughman’s Platter. There will be a bar and raffle and, as the date suggests, the quiz is held in support of Edburton Church.