Cross the A283 and live! [update]

Bridleway crosses A283
The Shoreham Herald reports:

A new bridleway designed to make the Downs Link at Bramber safer is receiving wide support. West Sussex County Council is consulting on plans to create a new route, parallel to and under the A283, to avoid crossing the busy main road. Jon Perks, principal rights of way officer, has written to residents and landowners for comments on the £77,000 scheme, which should be returned by February 20. .. The new route would pass under the bridge that carries the A283 over the River Adur, 500m south-east of the existing crossing point. It would add about 970m to the route but it is thought the safety benefits outweigh the extra distance to travel, plus, the existing crossing point will remain open for ‘confident’ cyclists and others who wish to take a more direct route. Part of the land is owned by the Crown Estate, which has said it will not raise objection. The track on the south side of the A283 is shared by the county council and a private landowner and both are willing to dedicate it as a bridleway.