Small Dole Auxiliary Unit Patrol

Old Erringham by Simon Carey

Old Erringham (Simon Carey) / CC BY-SA 2.0

Auxiliary Units were a secret resistance network of highly trained volunteers prepared to be Britain’s last ditch line of defence during World War Two. They operated in a network of cells from hidden underground bases around the UK. [CART]

There’s now a page of information about the Small Dole Auxiliary Unit Patrol on the CART website. The Sussex Regional Headquarters was at Tottington Manor. Volunteers in Sussex, as elsewhere, were mostly local farmers. If you have any information about the Small Dole unit, or its members, please contact CART. If you have never previously heard of the ‘Auxiliary Units’ but think they sound interesting, then the book to read is Stewart Angell’s (1996) The Secret Sussex Resistance, 1940-1944, Midhurst: Middleton Press (readily available).