Flood money

Operation Watershed money left
The Operation Watershed scheme is not restricted to official entities like Parish Councils: it is also available to private enterprises like farms. There is still money available and Lionel Barnard, the WSCC member responsible for such things, is soliciting applications:

We want to remind people that funding is there. Now is the time to be doing the work in readiness for the coming winter, so if you know there is a flooding issue in your community or neighbourhood, tell us. Autumn is the best time of year to carry out ditch clearances, because it falls outside nesting season for birds. If you need help with clearing your ditch, especially if it is a water course that runs through your property, now is the time to make contact. Your local community officer can advise you how to get help from the Operation Watershed fund.

[Excerpted from the Horsham edition of the West Sussex County Times, August 7th, p66.]

WSCC dating website

WSCC dating website

West Sussex County Council runs a dating website, love.westsussex.gov.uk which enables members of the public to meet, and perhaps even marry, council employees. Council employees have secure employment, reasonable salaries, comfortable pensions and better than average looks which makes them a sensible choice in the mating market.

Er, no, not exactly. At least one of those claims is as misleading as the name of the website. The purpose of the latter is altogether more prosaic. But useful, nonetheless. Check our new reference page, ‘Potholes, etc.‘, under the ‘The Environment’ menu near the bottom of the left sidebar.

Happy on being environed with a great ditch (part II)

This is the second of two posts documenting the Operation Watershed drainage work that has now been (almost) completed by Edburton Contractors in Clappers Lane. The discovery of a sewage leak meant that one aspect of the work could not be continued. These photographs were taken on 21st June. Click any thumbnail image to scroll through the full set of larger versions.

Happy on being environed with a great ditch (part I)

This is the first of two posts documenting the Operation Watershed drainage work currently being done by Edburton Contractors in Clappers Lane. These photographs were taken at the point where the public footpath emerges from Boggy Lagg and crosses the lane (i.e., immediately north of Knole House), over the period 13th–18th June. Click any thumbnail image to scroll through the full set of larger versions.

Amended 20th June.

Operation Watershed on Clappers Lane [update]

The work to relieve the flooding in Clappers Lane is due to restart on Thursday 12th June.

Under Operation Watershed (WSCC programme to invest in flood and road repairs) Fulking PC applied for a grant for work to be carried out in Clappers Lane.

The grant was awarded and Fulking PC appointed Edburton Contractors to carry out the work on two areas of Clappers Lane, the North End and by The Sands.

When Edburton Contractors met with WSCC in December it was decided that a full road closure was not necessary.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Andrea Dickson clerk to Fulking PC on andreadicksonfpc@gmail.com or 01444 451060.

Lady Brook Spring update

Lady Brook Spring
Northbrook College is planning to start work on Lady Brook Spring on 14th June. Prior to this the area will be strimmed and the lay-by cordoned off. The college is intending to use a small digger to assist with the removal of the concrete posts. The work will be carried out by WSCC Volunteer Development Team and Northbrook College, who will advise the Parish Council if and when local volunteers are needed.

Andrea Dickson, Clerk to Fulking Parish Council
01444 451 060 / andreadicksonfpc@gmail.com