Bobservation No. 100: A New Year’s Wishes

Bobservation No.100*

The New Year 2023
I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and can only say I do hope it is better than 2022! It has been a sad year for Fulking , the passing away of Baz Parmar, Mick Gaule, Nick Bremer and Sheena Trist all of whom, in their various ways, were important contributors to village life. Externally Covid has continued to harass us, although not as badly as at its peak and village social life has been gradually getting back to normal. This has culminated with the very successful village annual Christmas party, with which Sally has really taken over the reins of directing the Social Committee with great enthusiasm and a very good band of helpers.

My New Year’s Wishes
My hopes for 2023 are: 1. Ukraine winning the war against Russia. 2. The Government agreeing to talk to striking unions about pay. 3. An end to Covid. 4. Inflation reducing to a low single figure. 5. The needy receiving social benefits that enable them to live reasonably. 6. An end to Tax havens and all tax evasion. 7. Demolition of the Houses of Parliament and building a completely new House of Commons in the centre of England. 8. An end to the House of Lords and the aristocracy. 9. A technical reduction in the size of the Royal family and a modernisation of the Monarchy to include normal taxation. 10. A total return to remaining in Europe. 11. The church being reasonable about the sale of the Village Hall. AND 12. ENGLAND WINNING THE ASHES!.

* not out