Bobservation No 20

Bobservation Banner - Fair from the 90s with effects

I do encourage you all to take on board this year’s Fair and Fun Day is on Saturday 30th July. The venue has changed and will now be in the North Town Field and Shepherd & Dog.

However, parking for visitors will be, as last year, in Downside Meadow and the public will be directed along the Street to the North Town Field and the pub.  Along the way we will be having teas and cakes at the Village Hall and garden. The usual country craft and food stalls and lots of childrens’ events will be in the North Town Field

It would create a happy village atmosphere if some stalls could be operated by villagers or their children/grandchildren in the front gardens in the Street. I would suggest this would be a good way for some of the younger villagers to make a bit of pocket money by selling craft or food or drinks they have made or selected.

This is a new direction for the fair its success can only be guaranteed by the input from the villagers (and the weather!!).

The next Social Committee meeting to discuss the Fair is in the Village Hall at 8pm on Wednesday 22nd June. All helpers are welcome. For further information, call 271.