Bobservation No.52 — January 2019

Calendar PageChristmas
We had a very successful village Christmas party on Saturday 8 December in the village hall. The guests included Rev Graham Jeffrey, and councillors Joy Dennis from County, Colin Trumble from District, Mike Airey from Poynings and two of our own Parish councillors.
Total attendance was 50+ and quite a few children came. Many thanks to Ceri (Invitations), Nick (drinks), Lee (decorations), Jen (calendars and clear up),Pam (washing up) and Paul (drying up) for their input. Occasions like this are such an important factor in preserving the social character of the village and getting newcomers to meet some of the villagers.
The display of Christmas lighting in the village was quite beautiful, congratulations to all of you who took the trouble.

Social Committee
The Annual General meeting will be held in the village hall on Thursday 7 February at 8pm. The agenda will include the 2019 Fair being held on Sunday 28 July. We do need your input and ideas so please try to come along.

New Year
I am getting to an age when the major decisions of the day will not make much difference to my life. However climate change, plastic and Brexit in particular will be life changing for my grand children and I do feel  that we should do everything we can to ameliorate the effect of these three impending disasters.
Having got that off my chest I wish you all a very healthy and happy New Year.