Bobservation No:78 – Bird Watching & Zooming

Badly doctored image of zoom meeting with exotic birds in stead of peopleBird Watching
Fortunately, the restrictions imposed on us by Coronavirus have not interfered totally with the pleasures of bird watching. Be warned! this hobby is very addictive but probably one of the least expensive to enjoy. Whilst birding can be enjoyed just by looking out of the window, the only essential, other than waterproof clothing, is a reasonable pair of binoculars. I find a good bird identification guide is a great help, preferably pocket size. These days a great deal of information can be found on the internet and indeed, there is a good birdsong store on the village website for birds that have been seen or heard in Fulking over the last nearly thirty years. The two principal national organisations covering the hobby are RSPB and BTO. I find the latter (British Trust for Ornithology) good value and, in addition, BTO has a weekly birdwatch count reporting facility where your individual results are stored. Annual sub is £17, you get a free book and their very informative quarterly magazine; their email is In the last 29 years at Furzefield we have seen or heard 81 different species; the prima donna was a Wryneck outside the kitchen window! During this difficult pandemic I do urge you to consider spending a little time investigating birding. You won’t regret it.

Pandemic Zooming
In company with other villagers I am involved in several Zoom meetings. Having got over my initial horror at what it entails, I can understand that while Coronavirus limitations are placed upon us, it enables virtual social gatherings to take place. However, I look forward to the day when we can have live meetings again however long that is going to take. I cannot imagine what it would be like to hold a Zoom Village Fair! Hopefully Sunday 25 July will see the real thing however limited it may be.