Party at Saddlescombe

Hundreds join secret rave near Devil's Dyke
The Argus reports:

Up to 400 revellers partied at an all-night rave at the weekend. The secret party started just before midnight on Saturday and was still going on Sunday afternoon. Entry was forced to fields adjacent to Saddlescombe Farm, near Devil’s Dyke. The National Trust asked party goers to respect nocturnal animals in managed areas. .. An organiser behind Fraktal, one of four soundsystems onsite, said: “The landowner was briefly on site on Sunday and said he had no issues with the event as long as all rubbish is cleaned up afterwards.”

Matthew Cohen

Matthew Cohen rogue trader of Small Dole
Just in case you somehow managed to miss our earlier post, the June issue of Pigeon Post, and coverage in the local press from Brighton to Portsmouth, be warned that Matthew Cohen (M C Driveways) of Small Dole hasn’t given up. He was persistently touting for custom in the centre of Fulking less than a month ago and only backed off when a resident made it clear that he was aware of Cohen’s recent convictions. If he turns up on your doorstep and is reluctant to leave, call 101 and cite Sussex Police reference 1200 of 31 May 2013.

Hot on the trail

Hot on the trailA letter from Sussex Police, dated 14th June, and pushed into a letterbox near the junction of Clappers Lane and The Street, reports that there was an attempted burglary “in the area” at 10:20pm on Sunday 2nd June and asks to be notified if any suspicious persons or vehicles were seen “in the area” or if unexpected callers turned up that weekend. If this rings any bells, call 101 and cite reference 47130023578.

Not a Master Builder

Not approved by FMB
One to avoid:

A rogue trader who tricked customers into believing he was a member of the builders’ federation has been fined £635.

Matthew Cohen, of Downsview, Small Dole, near Henfield, appeared at Worthing Magistrates’ Court, where he was sentenced for a number of unfair trading offences.

Read the rest of the report at The Argus.

There’s a more expensive version of the story at The News:

Cohen, of Small Dole, Henfield, West Sussex, who traded as MC Driveways, admitted four offences when he appeared before Worthing magistrates.

The offences included failing to do agreed work on driveways for five customers who had paid him money.

Cohen was fined £2,500 and ordered to pay compensation of £1,900 and £3,000 in costs.

And there’s yet more information at the Shoreham Herald.

Damage to the Beeding Hill to Newtimber Hill SSSI

Not The Bourne Legacy
Natural England, the responsible body for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), reports that “the site has been blighted by off-road motorcyclists who have been using it as a track. Damage to the site is worsening over time, with offenders bringing equipment with them to dig tracks and make alterations to suit their sport. .. the area is now being monitored by local police officers in a bid to stop the damage. .. A 23-year-old man from Hove has recently been issued with a warning under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, after being arrested causing damage at the site”.