Lady Brook Spring – The Future

The Parish Council held a public meeting on 1st May to discuss the Lady Brook Spring Community Project.

The PC reported that WSCC has agreed to fund a community project of up to £3-4K, to source and provide materials. The project would be implemented by a volunteer workforce.

After much discussion at the public meeting the following basic design was agreed

  • The inside of the spring should have brick on all four sides. With additional boulders and a hedgehog ramp on one side, making for easy escape should children/animals fall in
  • The outside would be similar to the design below with a plaque on the top of the wall. It is suggested that the wall be between 2 ft and 2.6ft high.
  • The back of the spring would be raised by a mix of boulders and tree stumps in filled with plants.

Andrea Dickson
Clerk To Fulking Parish Council