Minutes of Planning Meeting held 23rd April 2019 (Draft)


Extraordinary meeting of Fulking Parish Council held on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 at 7.00pm,  at The Village Hall, Fulking   

 Minutes of Planning Meeting – 2 Paythorne Farm Cottages

Present: Councillor Miles Firth (Chairman), Councillors Karen Healy, Mark Hind and Linda Dyos. 

There were no members of the public present. Prior to the meeting, no members of the public had requested to speak. 

The meeting opened at 7 pm. 

1 Apologies: Councillor Michael Trist. 

2 Declarations of interest: all councillors present confirmed that they had no interests to declare in the matters to be discussed at the meeting. 

3 Approve the Minutes of the January Ordinary Meeting of 4th April 2019.   The minutes were approved by the meeting and signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meetings. 

4 Planning Matters:  To comment on planning applications received from South Downs National Park being SDNP/19/01691/HOUS | 2 storey side extension, single storey rear/side extension, front porch of 2 Paythorne Farm Cottages, Fulking BN5 9LP 

It was noted that: 

(1) Councillors are aware these cottages are very small and agreed that the extension is in keeping with the local area and does not appear to block any views for its neighbours of the South Downs 

(2) However, with reference to the emerging Development Management Policy SD31: Extensions to existing dwellings, and provision of annexes and outbuildings, it is unclear from the documents whether the proposal does or does not increase the floorspace of the existing dwelling by more than 30%. 

Based on (2) above, councillors were obliged to reject this application. 

The meeting closed at 7.30 pm.