West Sussex Better Connected Website Now Live

better_connetctedGulu Sibanda, Principal Community Officer, West Sussex County Council writes :-

Please be advised that there is now a new website to help promote the benefits of better, faster broadband and therefore giving people information about what is happening and where.

A key feature is the interactive map which details activity by exchange area. As the network is being developed, we will update the map to show where work is being carried out and when new broadband services will become available. Initially the information that we can share on the map will be minimal but once we announce the roll out (before Easter) then it should become a useful visual tool for people to see progress in their area.

The website also has a short animation explaining the technology we will use as well as information about the benefits of better, faster broadband. Users can check the availability of broadband to their home or business and get in touch with suppliers to contract to buy services, in the usual way.

Please visit www.westsussex-betterconnected.org.uk for more information.