Poynings bins seek asylum

Poynings bins seek asylum
Free to a good home (actually any home): two metal bins and one plastic bin. Contact Peter or Justine on 01273 857840 or email justine@hyp8ia.org.

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Rubbish Proposal?

Banner - WSCC docs about waste site consultationWest Sussex County Council is running a consultation on the provision of Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRSs) as it needs to save £18.6m in the coming year.

The main proposals affecting Fulking residents are plans to limit the opening hours of the Burgess Hill and Shoreham sites (Shoreham closed Mon & Tues), and to charge more for non-household waste.

The consultation runs for 16th May to 12th June. You can respond here (when it opens)
More details: Letter, Briefing Pack, FAQs

Christmas collections

Coping with Christmas
There are no garden waste collections between 22nd December 2014 and 4th January 2015 (inclusive). For black/blue bins, the only change that is relevant to Fulking residents is that you need to put the relevant bin out on Saturday 20th December instead of on Monday 22nd December (there is no change in respect of Monday 29th December).

Rave off

Broken glass
The Argus reports on the National Trust struggle to restore the status quo ante bellum:

More than 2,000 ravers attended leaving rubbish, including smashed bottles, beer cases, clothing and gas canisters strewn across the site after they partied for more than 24 hours. Volunteers helped to clear about 250 bags of waste ..

Charlie Cain, head ranger of the Devil’s Dyke estate, said [that] .. there is broken glass all over the Downs that is going to cause problems for years.

Elsewhere, the head ranger said:

The mess left behind after [the] rave at Devil’s Dyke was terrible. Fences and gates were cut and cattle had been separated from their water supply.

Updated 2nd June.