Village Clean Up

Clappers Lane litter

Sunday 15th April 2018 from 10:30am

Please get involved in keeping the village tidy and free of rubbish. There are four meeting points:

  • Party 1 starts at the corner of Clappers/Holmbush Lanes and moves South;
  • Party 2 starts at the corner of The Street/Clappers Lane and moves North;
  • Party 3 starts at the Ram House by the Shepherd and Dog and moves up The Street;
  • Party 4 starts at The Deans in Poynings Road and moves towards The Street.

Take care of traffic and wear bright colours and please bring suitable gloves and bin liners to collect the rubbish. Dispose of collected rubbish in your own wheelie bins. If this time is not convenient choose your own time and do your bit. Perhaps ending up at the Shepherd & Dog for a well-earned pint! Any queries give me a call on 271.

Bob Rowland, on behalf of Fulking Social Committee.

Free Pallets

Pallet wood available for burning – both broken up and bagged. Bags are located at the side of the small garage in the right hand side of the forecourt of Aviation House, Poynings. Access outside office hours is via a small pedestrian gate on the left. Whole pallets available also, please enquire in the office. Help yourselves but proceed with caution as there are large nails in the pallets.

Christmas collections

Coping with Christmas
There are no garden waste collections between 26th December 2014 and 6th January 2015 (inclusive). For black/blue bins, the changes that are relevant to Fulking residents are that you need to put the relevant bins out on the Tuesdays 27th December and 3rd January rather than the day before. Collections resume their normal pattern on Monday 9th January.

Poynings bins seek asylum

Poynings bins seek asylum
Free to a good home (actually any home): two metal bins and one plastic bin. Contact Peter or Justine on 01273 857840 or email

[Although the art director and picture editor at have made every effort to select an appropriate illustration for this post, they have not seen the bins in question and have no idea what they actually look like. As with all our posts, we thus disclaim any liability to any party for loss, damage, or disruption caused by mispresentation, errors or omission, whether such misrepresentation, error or omission results from negligence, accident, malign intent, or any other cause.]