Bobservation No. 55: Twinning

Signpost with Germans in background

I understand that, as a result of all the Brexit negotiations, West Sussex County Council have been approached by the head (Oberstgruppenstatsfuehrer) of the Bavarian (Bayern) local government (Landesschiffelhaus) enquiring about the possibility of twinning (zweimenschalldupples) Fulking with the Bavarian village of Fahrting.

Of course this would have to be agreed by the residents of both villages, probably by means of a referendum, which of course has proved remarkably successful in the UK recently. Assuming that such a vote was in favour of twinning the benefits could be exciting. October feast (Ocktoberfest) Leather shorts ( lederhosen) to be worn by Fulking men and blazers and cricket boots by their Fahrting counterparts on the anniversary of the twinning. Village ladies could take part wearing dirndl (dirndl) outfits and with guttural singing of local folkloric songs, dancing in clogs and permanent waving.

Fahrting is a village of some 250 residents and is best known for the local exceptional weather. The combination of the excessive rainfall brought about by the proximity of the Danube (Donau) and the extreme winds from the Alps (Alpen) are possibly the origin of the village’s name. Recent history has been unkind to Fahrting inasmuch as Adolf Hitler (der Fuehrer) thought the name vulgar (vuellengartengesellschaft) and treated the villagers as ethnically Romany (Romanicheren) with the most unpleasant results (resultenshaffelgesalt). Lastly, I hope that the villagers get as much pleasure out of Fahrting as they have done out of Fulking! 1.4.19

Fulking Fair and Allsorts fun dog show
The Social Committee will be meeting in the village hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 24 April to get this event (Sunday 28 July) off the ground. We need helpers so, if you are interested, please come and join us.

Usual annual invitation at Furzefield. All villagers welcome. Children under strict control and sorry, no dogs. Probably best around 20 April. Please give us a ring (271) before coming .

Fulking Social Committee AGM

Fulking Social Committee

Thursday 7th February at 8:00pm in the Village Hall
(not Friday 8th February as previously notified)

  1. Election of Chair
  2. Election of Treasurer
  3. Minutes of last AGM
  4. Financial Report
  5. Annual accounts year ended 31 December 2018
  6. Review of activities 2018
  7. Consideration of any requests for financial assistance
  8. Activities in 2019 including Fair
  9. Date of Christmas Party 2019
  10. Any other business

Bobservation No.52 — January 2019

Calendar PageChristmas
We had a very successful village Christmas party on Saturday 8 December in the village hall. The guests included Rev Graham Jeffrey, and councillors Joy Dennis from County, Colin Trumble from District, Mike Airey from Poynings and two of our own Parish councillors.
Total attendance was 50+ and quite a few children came. Many thanks to Ceri (Invitations), Nick (drinks), Lee (decorations), Jen (calendars and clear up),Pam (washing up) and Paul (drying up) for their input. Occasions like this are such an important factor in preserving the social character of the village and getting newcomers to meet some of the villagers.
The display of Christmas lighting in the village was quite beautiful, congratulations to all of you who took the trouble.

Social Committee
The Annual General meeting will be held in the village hall on Thursday 7 February at 8pm. The agenda will include the 2019 Fair being held on Sunday 28 July. We do need your input and ideas so please try to come along.

New Year
I am getting to an age when the major decisions of the day will not make much difference to my life. However climate change, plastic and Brexit in particular will be life changing for my grand children and I do feel  that we should do everything we can to ameliorate the effect of these three impending disasters.
Having got that off my chest I wish you all a very healthy and happy New Year.

Bobservation No. 51 — Christmas ..

Something of a strange Christmas without Graham’s Carol Service at St Andrews. I cannot understand, whatever the ramifications, why he had to leave in mid November. Surely another few weeks would have been the civilized way for him to bow out.

However, life goes on and the annual village Christmas party is in the village hall on Saturday 8th December from 6 till 8pm and by now you should have received an attractive invitation kindly donated by Ceri. The Social Committee have invited Graham, councillors from County, District and the neighbouring parish of Poynings.

Mulled, red and white wine, beer and soft drinks will be available as will savoury finger food brought by villagers. This evening is such a great chance for all of the villagers to get together. Children are most welcome. It is occasions like this that make Fulking such a vibrant community so please do come along even if you can only stay for a short time.

What a splendid Christmas present to be able to report that refurbishment is taking place of the run down properties in Stammers Hill. Congratulations and thanks to the freeholder and the lessee who is undertaking the work.

The Social Committee AGM will be held on Thurs Feb 7th at 8pm in the village hall. The financial Report for 2018 will be presented and the election of Chair and Treasurer will be subject to a vote by the Committee. All villagers are welcome and we are always looking for new members to assist with various activities including the Fair and Dog show on Sunday 28th July 2019.