HDC Walks

HDC walks
Horsham District Council runs a very large programme of guided walks. Most of these are somewhat remote from Fulking but the list does include walks in and around Clayton, Chanctonbury Ring, Henfield, Steyning, Washington and Wiston. If you like this kind of walk, then you can click on the image above to download the 24 page PDF brochure.

Investigation continues (arrests expected)

Love it or shove it
“International Happiness Day is on 20 March. There is something inherently funny about this, implying as it does that the rest of the year may be wilfully abandoned to misery. It reminds me of the slogan that my adored adopted home town is keen on: ‘Brighton and Hove – no place for hate’. Perhaps the originators could tell us where in Sussex, then, we may give full rein to our rancour: Steyning, Fulking, Pease Pottage?”
[Julie Burchill, 19th March 2017]

Roy Plomley presents Horsham District Discs

Henfield Steyning car parking
Horsham District is about to introduce car parking charges. We live in Mid-Sussex District so, obviously, we will be exempt from these charges. Er, no, apparently not. And both Henfield and Steyning are in Horsham District. You probably park briefly in one or the other on several occasions a week. Much the cheapest way to use these car parks on a regular basis will be by purchase of a disc*. Luckily, Horsham District is allowing Mid-Sussex residents to buy their discs so you will not need to bribe an acquaintance in Steyning to secure one for you. During March and April only, you can get two for £12. But the scheme goes live on Monday 3rd April so you will need to order your discs this month. Click the image above to reach the relevant website.

*The alternative is to buy a pay-and-display ticket each time you visit one of the car parks. This will cost you £39 a year assuming that you park just once a week.

Sussex Countryside Awards 2017

Sussex Countryside Awards

Our near neighbours Sussex Prairies (Henfield) and the Sussex Produce Company (Steyning) have both won these awards in the recent past.

The Countryside Awards are open to any project or enterprise, large or small, completed between December 2010 and January 2017. The closing date for entries is 31st March 2017. Categories include Rural Enterprise, Environmental Education, New Sussex Landscapes, and The Making Places Design Award. Further information here.

Clappers Lane drainage? The demolition of Hillside? The permanent diversion of Public Path 4F? Coppicing at Pondtail Wood? New Timbers? The restoration of Lady Brook Fort?

Readers are encouraged to come up with (even) better local candidates for awards.