Wide Load

Mobile home in Clappers Lane Fulking
Another static caravan is due to be delivered to Market Garden this Friday (29th June) between 14:00 and 17:00. It will be arriving via Poynings Road, so it will travel through the eastern end of the village and the southern part of Clappers Lane. Clappers Lane residents are urged to move their cars elsewhere during that period. More details will be available from a leaflet due to be put through letterboxes in the next couple of days.

The times of every train will change ..

Hassocks Station

New rail timetables will be in operation on all routes from Sunday 20th May

This post is of largely academic interest. As local rail users well know, whether or when a train stops at Hassocks is determined by a random number generator, not by a rail timetable. However, the terminally optimistic are welcome to click on the photo of Hassocks Station, above, to access the new batch.

Bus Strategy Consultation

Bus Strategy Consultation
This may be of interest to those Fulking residents who make use of the various local bus services:

West Sussex County Council is developing a new Bus Strategy which will explore ways in which we can work with bus companies and other partners to help sustain and improve bus services. We would like your views on our proposals for the new strategy and if there is anything else you think we should include. For further information and to take part in the consultation please go to:
or call 01243 642105 to request an information pack. The closing date for your feedback is 6th June 2018.

Sunday service restored

17 Bus Sunday Service
Diligent readers will recall that Compass Travel withdrew the No. 17 Sunday service on 16th September as the numbers of passengers travelling no longer covered the cost of operation. However, as from 17th September, Sussex Coaches have restored the service following an appeal from Brighton City Council and Brighton Bus Watch. ‘Senior’ and disability bus passes are accepted. Stagecoach continues to operate the route on Monday–Saturday.

Use the car

Compass bus 17
Compass Travel 17 Horsham — Brighton: the Sunday service is being withdrawn with effect from 16th September as the numbers of passengers travelling no longer cover the cost of operation. The Monday to Saturday 17 service operated by Stagecoach will continue unchanged.

Dripping tap entails nine week road closure

Dogleg closure
The dog-leg that connects Poynings to the Saddlescombe Road is to be closed from Wednesday 11th January until .. Tuesday 17th March 2017 — according to the obvious nonsense circulated by Matt Davey, Director of Highways and Transport at WSCC.

Update 14th January: as of 5:00pm this afternoon, the road was open. That does not mean it will be open on Monday morning, though. Proceed cautiously.

Update 16th January: the road remains open, all contractor detritus removed.