HART on Horton

HART on Horton Golf Club
Every car needs a defibrillator:

Club member Malcolm Town collapsed while playing golf a year ago and was saved by his playing partner, HART responder Martin Tooth. Martin, who is club captain, happened to have his defibrillator in the car and was able to reach it in time to administer lifesaving treatment. HART are shortly to equip adjoining Henfield Business Park with a public access defibrillator.

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Will the Germans target Edburton?

Defibrillator drone from The Local, 23 August 2013
The Local reports:

German inventors unveiled a drone carrying a defibrillator on Friday which they hope will be able to save the lives of heart attack patients. .. [They] hope that a drone will be able to deliver a defibrillator to revive the patient quicker than an ambulance. .. It has been designed to reach patients in remote areas and is activated by the emergency services or members of the public through a mobile phone app .. which when activated would start the drone and bring the defibrillator to the GPS coordinates of the patient. The downside is that the drone relies on someone being with the heart attack victim and having the app downloaded on their phone. .. The drone on display on Friday had eight rotor blades, a diameter of one metre and a flying distance of 15 kilometres. With the defibrillator it weighs 4.7 kg and costs €20,000.

Some Village Miscellany

Bin Collection Disruption: See the link on the Mid Sussex District Council’s website for details of the catch-up programme. midsussex.gov.uk/8521.htm

The Community Support Officer has changed temporarily. For the time being the PCSO is Teresa Bevan who can be contacted on 07979 774054 or teresa.bevan@sussex.pnn.police.uk

Fulking Social Comittee has recently purchased 55 stacker armchairs for the much improved village hall at a cost of £350. Other recent expendure has included the village and childrens’ Christmas parties, a donation of £100 towards the Evergreens’ Christmas party and treework to reduce the saplings in the banking of the North Town Field. The final cost of the electrical installation of the two new defibrillators is estimated to be around £550 of which £400 has already been donated.

and finally

This years village fair will be held on Sunday 28 July and anyone who would like to join in would be welcome (with open arms!). If you are interested give Bob Rowland a shout on 271 or email him at bob.pamrowland@btinternet.com

Portable Defibrillator Machines for Fulking

220px-Defibrillation_Electrode_PositionTricia writes:-

The Village has been given a gift of 2 defibrillator machines by the Henfield Heart team.

We plan to have one attached to the outside of the Village Hall and the other at the Shepherd & Dog. We are fund raising to pay towards the containers they are kept in. I am contributing in memory of Lucie. We are waiting to hear if the Social Fund will also make a donation.

In the meantime Dave Fletcher paramedic is going to do training sessions on:-

Sat 5th January at 11am.
Sat 12th January at 9.30am.
Sat 19th January 9.30 am.

All ages welcome, you never know when or where you will need this skill. It is far simpler these days, & the machines tell you clearly what to do. I had to perform Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation on Lucie, I was relieved I’d just been updated, but it was frightening and lonely. Hence I feel strongly about as many people being trained as possible.