Mid Sussex District Plan Examination

Structural Plan of a New Garden City
LAMBS writes:

The Mid Sussex District Plan Examination Hearing Sessions begins on Tuesday, 29th November. It is anticipated to take three days .. Last week, Mayfields sent a letter to all Mid Sussex District and Parish councillors encouraging them to make the choice to support their new town which patently undermines the Neighbourhood plans already in place.

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Mayfield Market Town Redesign

Mayfield Market Town Redesign

any plans, should they go ahead, would include completely re-engineering the land and drainage .. we remain committed to delivering a high quality new settlement with a significant proportion of affordable homes for people who need them

Our illustration shows the “Twineham” starter home (£995,000): one bedroom, solar heating, galley kitchen, privy, hot tub and mooring (optional skiff at additional cost).
A full prospectus is available here.

Flood money

Operation Watershed money left
The Operation Watershed scheme is not restricted to official entities like Parish Councils: it is also available to private enterprises like farms. There is still money available and Lionel Barnard, the WSCC member responsible for such things, is soliciting applications:

We want to remind people that funding is there. Now is the time to be doing the work in readiness for the coming winter, so if you know there is a flooding issue in your community or neighbourhood, tell us. Autumn is the best time of year to carry out ditch clearances, because it falls outside nesting season for birds. If you need help with clearing your ditch, especially if it is a water course that runs through your property, now is the time to make contact. Your local community officer can advise you how to get help from the Operation Watershed fund.

[Excerpted from the Horsham edition of the West Sussex County Times, August 7th, p66.]