Minutes of Ordinary Parish Council Meeting – 12th July 2018

Minutes of Ordinary Parish Council Meeting
held at 7.30pm on Thursday 12th July 2018 at the Village Hall Fulking.


Chairman                                         Cllr Firth 

Fulking Parish Council (FPC)         Cllrs Hind, Dyos and Healy 

Mid Sussex District Council          Cllr Watts-Williams 

West Sussex County Council        Cllr Dennis 

Parish Clerk                                     Trevor Parsons 

Members of the Public                 There were 5 members of the public present. 

  1. Apologies for Absence
    Cllr Trist (FPC) and Cllr Wilkinson (MSDC)
  2. Declarations of Interest
    None for this meeting
  3. Approval the Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of 10th May 2018
    The minutes were approved and signed as a true record of the meeting
  4. Reports from District and County Councillors

    Report from Cllr Watts-Williams (MSDC)
  • The District Plan was adopted at the end of March 2018 with the number of new homes to be built as follows. Years 2014 – 2031 being 16,390. This is made up of 876 pa to 2023/24 and 1,090 pa from 2025 – 2031. A Call for Sites was issued in October 2017, which is published on the MSDC website and this has initially generated interest in a potential 31,000 homes, including the Mayfield proposals.
  • MSDC policy is to build houses in or around existing towns and villages, with towns taking the greater share.
  • The Government has purchased all land around the Northern Arc in Burgess Hill which will speed up the development there which will include duelling the existing A2300 and building the Science Park and Business Hub.
  • Most residents requiring temporary accommodation are currently housed in B&B in Brighton. MSDC are looking to acquire their own temporary accommodation building in mid Sussex.
  • The relationship between SDNPA and MSDC has been challenging especially with regards to planning. Cllr Watts-Williams has been elected to be the MSDC representative liaising between the two bodies.

Report from Cllr Dennis (WSCC)

  • Funding for the A2300 duelling of £17.m has now been approved and is expected to commence in January 2020, finishing in April 2021.
  • Cllr Dennis has spoken to Richard Speller regarding the TRO Parking application submitted by Cllr Hind. This application will be considered for approval in June 2019 for the financial year 2019/2020.
  • PNCC has consulted WSCC regarding bridleway repairs to the entrance of the club and Cllr Dennis suggested that grant funding could be possible to assist with the project.
  • Potholes. Cllr Dennis recommended the Love West Sussex App where the public can photograph a pothole and email the picture to the maintenance / patching teams.
  • WSCC are looking at more effective grass verge cutting solutions and is aware that some grass verges are getting too high especially at difficult road junctions.
  • Cllr Dennis visited the MBT (Waste Management) site in Warnham near Horsham and was impressed with the operation. With recycling static at 45%, more needs to be achieve to hit the target of 55% by 2022.
  • Mid Sussex is one of the worst areas for referring possible children’s mental health issues and Cllr Dennis attended an awareness event in Burgess Hill highlighting the issues. Better collaboration between local authorities, schools and parents is needed.
  1. Matters Arising & Outstanding Actions
    Winter Management Plan
    Cllr Hind has submitted the grit audit to MSDC and bins less than 50% full will be filled in due course.
    If authorised by Highways Department farmers will be used to clear snow from the roads in extreme cases and by paid for their services.Cllr Firth has chased up the new HGV signs however a change of contractor has delayed its installation.
    Operation Watershed
    The Parish Clerk has contacted Edburton Contractors and Land Build to request quotations to alleviate flooding opposite Lower Kents, it is expected that joint site visits will occur in the next couple of weeks.
    Cllrs Healy also suggested that further Watershed monies should be sought for Clapper Lane.
    Road condition PNCC
    PNCC have source quotations for the repairs which have come out far higher than expected. With reference to the note earlier Cllr Dennis suggested that WSCC grant funding should be explored.
  2. Planning Application
    SDNP/18/02349/HOUS – to demolish summer house and build a garden room at 2 South View Cottages, The Street, Fulking BN5 9LT
    It was noted that:
    There were no objections to the plans
    The existing site is very secluded.The Parish Council voted in unanimously in favour of this application
  3. Parking – Road Lines
    FPC are considering parking restrictions close to the Shepherd & Dog for which public opinion was sought with the options of
    a) double yellow lines
    b) single white line or
    c) no lines.
    43 responses were received with 71% in favour of yellow lines. As any highways decision will take to at least June 2019, Cllr Dennis suggested that the Parish Council pay for white lines first, after consultation with the residents who would be most affected, to see what impact the markings would have.
  4. Reports from Outside Bodies
    The Fulking Fair will be held on NTF on Sunday 29th July between noon and 5pm with a dog show, music, food, pony rides and stalls in the streets. This will be preceded by a Call My Bluff evening on Friday 27th July.
  5. Information Items
    FPC were represented at the inter parish meeting held on 10th July. Planning was discussed at length, where it appeared that MSDC were far better placed and more organised with their District Plan that the adjoining area covered by Horsham District Council. GDPR was also discussed and agreed it was still confusing. They are looking to invite SDNPA to the next meeting.Cllr Dyos and the Clerk attended a parish workshop run by SDNPA in Iford on 19th June, there were presentations on whole states, infrastructure, environment and Dark night Skies. The event was well attended and provided a good opportunity for networking.
  6. Correspondence
    Upper Beeding have recently completed a Neighbourhood Plan and the Clerk agreed to share the information with all councillors.SDNPA is looking to create a @Local Heritage List@ which will cover the entire park as one way to identify non-designated heritage assets. Cllr Firth and Parish Clerk agreed to undertake the exercise and respond.
  7. Items for Next Agenda
    •  Dark Night Skies
    • Elections 2019
    • Parking
    • Market Gardens
  8. Financial Matters

2018/2019 Cheques from Barclays current account (50052760 – BALANCE £7,548.66) issued from 23rd April to 12th July 2018.

Date                                 Description                                 Cheque No                          Amount 

23/4/2018                      E.on Direct Debit                                                                       £46.98 

30/4/2018                      Mark Stepney – Grass                 100731                              £360.00 

10/5/2018                      Came & Co Insurance                  100732                              £389.05 

10/5/2018                      MSDC – Dog Bin Mgt                   100733                              £330.84 

10/5/2018                      SLCC Subscription                        100734                                 £84.00 

10/5/2018                      Satswana – GDPR                         100735                              £180.00 

12/6/2018                      APM Refeshments                       100736                                 £41.98 

12/6/2018                      Information Commissioner        100737                                 £10.00 

12/6/2018                      Mark Stepney – Grass                 100738                               £360.00 

12/6/2018                      UK Host4u                                     100739                                 £61.80 

12/7/2018                      Playsafety Limited                        100740                              £100.80 

12/7/2018                      Councillor Training                       100741                                £51.43

Income – 30th April 2018 – Precept MSDC £4,348.00

Date of next Ordinary Meeting Thursday 11th October 2018 to be held at the Village Hall, Fulking.

Meeting closed at 21:25