Fulking Social Committee: a plea for help

Fulking Fair in 2013
The Social Committee’s income is principally derived from the annual fair proceeds and is used to finance village needs, including funding Pigeon Post. The provision of such funds facilitates the receiving of grants and reduces the amount required by the village precept, which forms part of the Council Tax.

This year’s Fulking Fair will be held in Downside Meadow on Sunday 27 July 2014 from noon till 5pm. On Friday 25 July there will be a Call my Bluff for 96 people in the marquee, 7:00 pm for 7:30pm, with superior wines supplied by Quaff. Tickets £15 a head (includes 8 wines and nibbles).

Those of you who have attended the fair in previous years will appreciate that it takes a lot of volunteers to organise and run it. We are desperately in need of such help from villagers to man events and to provide relief for those already involved. If you would like to get involved please give Bob a ring on 271.

We welcome ideas on how future monies can be spent in the village. The principal items spent over the last few years are listed below.

Fulking Social Committee accounts
Bob Rowland
[on behalf of Fulking Social Committee]