Saddlescombe Farm nominated for CPRE award

Saddlescombe Farm award

Saddlescombe Farm is run by tenant farmers, Camilla and Rory Puzey who open their doors to the public for lambing weekends and educational visits throughout the year. They also offer a unique Shepherd for the Day experience and Green Gym sessions which encourage people to get fit by doing conservation work. The couple say the shepherding idea came from a friend. The idea quickly developed and now the farm holds a variety of shepherding experiences for individuals, couples and families — there are even corporate team building events which conclude with a Shepherding Challenge.

Luna is missing

Luna is wearing a gold collar with her name and home (Oldwood, Clappers Lane) on the tag. If you see her, please call Karen Healy ( on 07730 511503.

Luna has now returned home from her adventures and this post can be ignored.