Small Dole bakery loses £20k

Truffles phished at NatWest
The Shoreham Herald is reporting:

Small Dole firm Truffles bakery, which has branches in Shoreham and Steyning, lost £19,600 when its NatWest account was raided in a phishing scam. .. Criminals got into the company’s computer using a virus planted in a fake email from HMRC. When the email was opened, the fraudsters could view data being input on the computer, including the firm’s online-banking password and pin code. .. General manager Gabby Taylor made an online payment on Friday, September 20, and found on the Monday morning the money had gone. .. She said: “We are gutted. We employ nearly 200 local people who are paid weekly and this has taken a huge amount out of our cash flow”.

Electricity at risk from fly-tippers

Fly-tipping at electricity substation
The Shoreham Herald reports:

The UK Power Networks site, off the A283 Steyning bypass, has been targeted, along with more than 150 substations which deliver essential power supplies in the south east, London and the east of England.

The incidents can put power supplies at risk by delaying access to vital equipment and endanger staff visiting the sites to carry out inspections, maintenance or repairs.

A piano, builders’ rubble, guttering and downpipes have all been found outside the Steyning substation.

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence under the Environmental Protection Act, carrying significant fines and even prison sentences in more serious cases.

Sussex 4×4 Response to help police

Sussex 4x4 Response
Sussex 4×4 Response are to help police deal with major emergencies. The heavy snow that has fallen in the county over the last few years has shown the benefit of having an extra fleet of all-weather vehicles available to the emergency services. The idea was trialled successfully by Sussex Police during the sudden snowfall in the county in March when Sussex 4×4 Response volunteers helped get 999 control centre staff to their offices to keep the emergency telephone system working. Volunteers will have to undergo first aid training, learn advanced driver skills and be given health and safety guidance before they can get involved in the scheme. They will also vetted by the force and would have to sign a health declaration and confirm their vehicle is in good working order.

Men behaving oddly

Sussex Police Dog Unit (general purpose dogs)Last night at around 3:00am, a car alarm was activated in The Street. When it was investigated, two or three men were seen hanging around by another parked car. The owner of this latter car went outside to check and the men disappeared. The police were called, but they were unable to find anything, although their tracker dog did trace a scent on to the bridleway at the rear of The Street.

Note also that the number plates were stolen from a car parked overnight at the Shepherd and Dog about ten days ago.

If you see or hear anything suspicious, please report it –- the non-emergency number is 101.

Cold Callers — Some Advice


Dear Friends,

This time of year when the weather is hot, the undesirables are out knocking on doors to gain entry and possibly ROB you. Please see below further advice that may help your in making your decision to open your door. You may think my message is a bit strong, but I do not know of another way to tell people to be careful. I hear many times of burglaries where people still leave windows open, doors unlocked because I am just popping to the shops for a few minutes. It takes 2-3 minutes for a burglar to steal from you. Please, please be more aware about your security. Look after your neighbour and they will look out for you.

You can tell door-stop salesmen not to knock — and they have to listen (it’s an offence not to!).

To stop them disturbing you print out Trading Standard’s ‘No Cold Caller’s’ sign (PDF) and put it by your front door. You have seven days to cancel most purchases over £35 made on the door-step. This cooling off period starts when you get written notice of your right to cancel (they have to give you one). If you cancel in this time you should get a refund (including your deposit). There are exceptions – check out the CAB website for details. Remember: the safest approach is to never buy on the door-step or let anyone in if you’re not sure who they are.

If someone knocks that you don’t know:

  1. Don’t answer if you don’t feel safe
  2. Always ask for ID and call the company to check
  3. Don’t sign anything on the spot – get details and do your own research
  4. Never hand over cash or agree for work to start straight away
  5. Call the police if you feel threatened

Best regards,

John Wright MBE
Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation.

Mobile: 07917385213
Business:01444 247368